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You can also accelerate your Results with the Wellbeing Time Coaching Course Support with MRS JOY that we created to help you in your healing and transformational journey.

Education & Self-Development is a Big Part of your Success with Wellbeing Time.

Here’s Why We Provide Support with our Wellbeing Time Coaching Course

We are serious about to help to heal and transform people’s lives. Our Coaching Course Support expands our “high-touch” customer experience to support you to bring Wellbeing to your life, FOR REAL.  Our Coaching Course develop a relationship with you so you can take advantage of our decades of experience and expertise about Wellbeing Time and get every bit of benefit possible from your use of Wellbeing Time.

Our Coaching Course Support is one of the many ways we go 110% for you to make sure you get all the benefits we’ve described. Wellbeing Time will give you clarity in many aspects of your conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind. We know that every time we want to change

…Our Resistances Makes Us Stuck

And to walk in the opposite way. You will start to be aware of unconscious reasons why you aren’t already as happy and peaceful inside as you want to be. For almost two decades we saw this pattern repeating over and over again with all our clients and students worldwide.

Our Coaching Course Support

Allows you to end unconscious self-sabotage and remove your abundance blocks

for you to truly make your dreams come true.

So, you can naturally feel happier, more peaceful and more abundant.

We all know the importance of a coach in our lives to help us to make the inner transformation we need and we also know that your time is precious.

What Are Your Wellbeing and Abundance Blocks Costing You?

  • Do you spend too much time away from your family, friends and others you love?
  • Has it cost you your marriage or any other relationships?
  • Do you feel trapped in doing work you don’t love – or worse, work that makes you feel like you have to check your soul at the door?
  • Has your health suffered?
  • Have you lost your peace of mind or are you experiencing increasing levels of stress?

Now consider how many years you’ve been feeling the discontent of not having enough financial or time freedom in your life…

If you’re like most people who are brave enough to face this truth, the realization of how much abundance blocks are costing you is painful.

But with truth and awareness comes freedom. Before we can make a shift, we first have to know where we are and why we want to make that shift.

The good news is… there is actually a SYSTEM you can follow to create the Wellbeing, abundance, freedom and happiness that you really want.


This system has worked for thousands of people, from all walks of life, from all over the world… And when you apply this system accurately, it will work for you, too!




Wellbeing Time Secrets

Discover the 3 Secrets to Become a Dream Magnet and Manifest the Life You Love.


What You’ll Receive When You Enroll Today

This life-changing, Coaching Course Support 12-Masterclasses online program includes 3 simple and fun components:

Part 1: 12 Masterclasses with MRS JOY - Founder of Wellbeing Time


When you enroll today, you’ll get instant access to your private member’s area, where a new masterclass will be unlocked for you after you complete each coaching session. Watch and listen these simple, easy-to-follow, audio masterclasses in podcast format on your computer, tablet, or smart phone whenever – and wherever – is most convenient for you.

 Inside these 12 masterclasses, you’ll discover the 3 secrets for you to become a dream magnet to manifest the life you love and much more.

Part 2: Wellbeing Time Secrets Guides


Each of the 12 masterclasses include a written transcript to guide you through your lessons. that gives you a simple highly effective retention to ground what you’ve learned. By applying these Wellbeing Time Secrets, you’ll actually become a dream magnet to attract all abundance and wellbeing to your life.

Part 3: Downloadable Mp3

You will also receive the audio file of each masterclass in mp3 for you to download and listen everywhere you go, without the need of internet. Create your own playlist from your Coaching Course and listen to this simple, enjoyable, 12-Masterclasses everywhere you go, so it can propel you up the abundance scale and help you stay connected to the true source of all wellbeing.

Removing mental resistances… allow you to create tremendous mental clarity and improves many mental abilities: 

creativity, focus and concentration, learning and memory, pattern recognition, decision-making and problem solving abilities, and much more.

Finally, it also allows you to end any problems you may have with anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, procrastination, low confidence and motivation…

...and, to Dramatically Lower Your Stress Level


Our Coaching Course support is based on nearly two decades of experience and it’s priceless the time you can save with our years of research.

You know that a Coaching session with a good coach costs at least $500. If we would bring this price for our 12 Masterclasses Coaching Course Support, the cost would be at least $6000.

But we are genuinely committed to making sure that each participant really does receive all the benefits we describe. And that’s why we will not charge $6000. We want to benefit as much people as we can providing tools that helps people to build their best lives.

Today we have a Special Offer

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Wellbeing Time Secrets

Coaching Course Support

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It brings for us, in knowing that we are helping to heal and transform millions of lives.

Blink Your Eyes to be sure you are not dreaming…

Yes, you are right… I said ‘blink your eyes’ to be sure you are not dreaming, because I have one more amazing good news for you.

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Wellbeing Time Secrets - Coaching Course Support

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We want you to be stress and anxiety free to do it at your pace.

Your Wellbeing Time and freedom starts now.

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And it’s not only our Coaching Support

that you will receive…

You will also have access of our Wellbeing Time Secret-Society on our Facebook Community. We work in together to make a better place for this and for the future generations.

It's also a way for you to find dream builders like you and know that you are not alone.

We look forward to having you in our Masterclasses. We know you will be more than satisfied with what our Coaching Course Support will do for you.

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