A World-Change Entrepreneur, Journalist, International Life & Executive Coach, Best Selling Author of Wellbeing Time, Speaker, Songwriter and Singer.

She is Founder of Joyful Minds Training, Wellbeing Time and MRS JOY's Academy, an Online Self-Development Institute for Wellbeing & Mental Health, High Performance & Success, Meditation & Mindfulness, with everything based in Neuroscience.

MRS JOY is researcher on human super conscience and personal development for more than 18 years.


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is a Social Entrepreneur, Journalist, Life & Executive Coach, Author, Speaker, Songwriter and Singer. She is the Founder of MRS JOY's Academy, a Self-Education Online Institute for Wellbeing, High Performance, Mental Health, Medication and Mindfulness> Everything based in Quantum Physics and Neuroscience. Researcher on human super conscience and personal development for almost 20 years.

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  • MRS JOY had the honour to study and be inspired with the greatest spiritual teachers in the world, like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Louise Hay, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Wayne, Mary Morrisey, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Amit Goswami, Marianne Williamson, Louis Hay, among others.  


  • She worked for 5 years as volunteer with the humanitarian leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and she had the best learnings in meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and mindfulness. And more than that: to learn that the world is a big family and to be inspired to give back. 


  • MRS JOY also had the honour to be part of the band of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and sing for thousands of people to raise their vibration to achieve a new level of consciousness and happiness.

  • MRS JOY also studied Quantum Physics in person with the famous Quantum Activist Dr. Amit Goswami and she graduated in Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness with other famous spiritual teachers from Brazil, as Marco Schulz, Sri Prem Baba and Coen Monk.

  • MRS JOY also participated in processes and methods for the development of human consciousness through silence retreats, mantra, music, meditation techniques and vital energy control, such as Reiki, Deeksha and Access Bars.

  • She also studied with the famous Japanese scientist and best-selling author Dr. Masaru Emoto, from the movie "Who The Bleep Do We Know?", who could prove scientifically how the power of our thoughts, emotions and words can influence the water molecules, especially in our body that is made of more than 70% of water.  


  • MRS JOY has been guiding groups of people around the world with her International Online Academy, Meditation & Music Shows. She helps her students to broaden their perception of the world, leaving the matrix of their human programming and causing a radical change in their level of consciousness at the spiritual level, to manifest their inner potential as human and spiritual beings, so they can find their purpose and meaning in life.   


  • In the area of self-development and personal transformation, MRS JOY has been compiling work in the field of neuroscience, quantum physics and spirituality for more than 18 years. When she was only five years old, her father had a Brain Cancer and she dedicated her life to bring her super hero back through the investigation of neuroscience, meditation and human behaviour.  



  • MRS JOY also developed an online course called Joyful Minds Training, a practical proposal of mental health that aims at the genuine awakening of consciousness and the integration of the natural potentials of every human being. In this life-changing course, MRS JOY brings more than 20 self-regulation techniques to reduce the levels of anxiety, depression and help people from all ages, specially youths, to transform stress in success. You find more at


  • As a World-Change Entrepreneur, thinking in promote more comfort and health in people’s lives, after COVID 2019, MRS JOY developed with a team of influencers, a Wellbeing Time Store to benefit all people from the United States of America with more health and peace of mind. Her USA Store, with fast delivery from a warehouse in California, is helping more Americans to feel good with online products for healthcare & beauty, car & travel accessories, fashion accessories, kids & babies, home & gadgets and pets.


  • The good news is that more people from other places are claiming for our Wellbeing Store in their country. MRS JOY is working now in building her second store that will sell wellbeing products worldwide. If you are in America, or if you have friends and family living there, make them a big surprise. Start your “feel good shopping” now at:



  • MRS JOY will also bring more surprises in 2022 with the publishing of her first Album, with music that will touch your heart and inspire your soul to become more of who you truly are. Be tuned in her social media and her websites. Let’s become a chain of love! 


  • Our huge thanks to the billionaire and philanthropist Ray Dalio, one of the biggest influencers in the world who inspired MRS JOY's heart and the American mixer Michael Brauer, who won two Grammy Awards with Coldplay and mixed MRS JOY's first Album.









A World-Change Entrepreneur passionate in bringing the best of people alive, so they can bring their gifts to the world.

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is passionate about brining the best of people alive,
so they can bring their gifts to the world.

You can find more about MRS JOY as

"Providing self-development tools for people to live their best lives."