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Wellbeing Time uses a scientific audio & visual technology to calm your mind to Theta Brainwave. You will feel the benefits of a long-term meditation and be able to reprogram your subconscious mind. Start feeling good now.

Heal from
your past


Wellbeing time helps to stop the chatter of the monkey mind, that it's always jumping to the past or to the future, causing suffering and anxiety. You will be able to train your mind to keep focused in the present moment.  

your vibe


Wellbeing Time regulates your emotions, reducing stress and increasing physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. You will be able to align yourself with the language of the Universe to manifest miracles in your life.

Manifest your


Wellbeing Time triggers happiness brain chemicals that dramatically increase your frequency to the same vibration of your dream. You will also increase willpower and motivation to take actions to make your dreams come true.

Wellbeing Time

is healing and transforming millions of lives around the world

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technology for healing and transformation 

Wellbeing Time brings a combination of sound frequencies and visual stimuli that slow brain waves and help achieve Theta state.

Helps to reprogram
your subconscious mind

This special Theta Brainwave helps to reprogram the subconscious mind and recreate an effective inner transformation that will put you in the vibration of your goals and dreams.  

Brings balance and keeps your mind healthy

Wellbeing Time brings the balance between your Brain, Heart, Body, and Soul. In this state of coherence it's possible to:

  • Self-Regulate negative emotions caused by stress that create chaos in the nervous system and liberate toxins in the body. 
  • Increase positive emotions that supports the brain's ability to make better decisions. 
  • Boost the immune system with the liberation of happiness hormones bringing more health and productivity.
  • Make your electromagnetic field to expand with the daily practice of good thoughts and positive feelings.






Wellbeing Time


helps to put the law of attraction in action, making you to give Quantum Leaps in your energetic field...
...that will match your vibration with the same frequency of your dreams.
It's like to put yourself in the same broadcast of the life you want to achieve.
Once you match it, you attract it.

Healing technology
that cares for your mind

Wellbeing Time is a technology for healing and transformation that is designed to help you to overcome your main personal obstacles.

With the daily practice of Wellbeing Time, you will be activating your Theta brainwaves that allows you to enter in your genius mode. 

With this new frame of mind and emotional field it's possible to break free from negative patterns and transform your own reality, making your dreams come true.  

Wellbeing Time


was designed for the development of a new human consciousness based on love, joy, peace abundance. Our aim is to help humankind to get out of the old paradigm of anger, fear, war poverty.



It's Wellbeing Time:

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