Wellbeing Time Bundle No. 2

Love & Relationships

This Special Bundle will work on a subconscious level in raising your self-esteem to attract relationships that will empower you to have the courage to bring the best version of yourself alive.

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Share with those you love and care
Share with those you love and care

In Bundle 2, focused on Love & Relationships, we combined two

Wellbeing Time Programs for you:


1. Becoming a Love Magnet 


2. Increasing Self-Confidence

Once you have a high self-esteem and self-confidence, you will make sure that your levels of affective magnetism can operate in a potent way, so that you can attract your soul mate and people who are connected with your souls.

After all, you want to be with like-minded people as you, that focus on the light side, living life in a positive way, instead to be with those who keep focusing in drama and in the dark side.

After all, you want to bond with more Jedi’s like you and me, who want to keep in love and above.

It’s your Wellbeing Time!


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